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Architects Design Collaborative 

Our firm has unequaled expertise in functional space analysis through a history of projects in all building types and uses; urban design, architecture, space planning, maintenance facilities, public works, city halls, hospitals, educational buildings, institutional facilities, churches, police and fire, you name it we’ve done it! Our staff is well adapted to “green” and can provide design solutions consistent with the green initiative

ADC considers all aspects of design (size, multi-purpose, space sharing, re-purposing,  lighting, interior design and cost) before recommending the best use and best fit for activities in an effort to increase overall capacity and efficiency of facilities.

ADC’s expertise includes, conceptual studies, building assessment, programming studies and reports, design and preparation of construction documents, specifications and construction phase services for both new and renovation type construction together with related services such as planning, space programming, rendering generation, 3D modeling and Urban Street Design using the latest in CADD and 3D technology and modeling.

ADC’s owners are "hands on" in the operations of the office, therefore, it should not be surprising to find that they are also personally involved in the project from start to finish. As a result, we are capable of providing most, if not all, of the services typically required on small projects (i.e. Architectural, Planning, MEP and Landscaping) “in-house” which, in turn, is cost effective for our clients. If your project requires that we augment our staff’s expertise, we have a stable of seasoned consultants that we use on a regular basis.


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