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Spring Recovery Center

CDNK Plaza

Osceola Place

Darwin Shopping Center

Weston Town Center Mixed Use

(Award Winning)

Sailor's Return

Meridian Marina Yatch Club

Presidential Plaza

(Award Winning

Shopping Center of the Year 1991)

Rio Town Center

Mixed Use

M.S Fox Clinic

(Award Winning)

Crossroad Office-Retail

Morganton Mixed Use

Atler Institute Surgery Center

Sunrise Theatre

Royal Trust & Branch Banks

Lauderdale By The Sea Pavilion

Palm Springs Hospital

Emerald Lake Professional

East City Grill

NCCI Health Care Facility

Stuart Pediatric

Fisherman Wharf

Hallandale Beach Shopping Center

Frigates Restaurant

Miami Beach Preservation

Isles of Oasis Club House

Boynton Beach Mixed Use

Northern Trust Bank

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